Summer Chic Organic Luxury Oil Blend

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Summer Chic Organic Luxury Oil Blend

Body & Face Oil

Freshly cold-pressed organic plum kernel oil, organic black currant oil, organic sea buckthorn CO2 extract, organic carrot oil, organic moringa oil, organic carotene, organic St. Johns Wort, vitamin E

Koko: 150 ml


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4 arviota tuotteelle Summer Chic Organic Luxury Oil Blend

  1. Kristina

    Truly luxurious oil! Beautiful aroma and golden tan has exceeded my expectations. I have applied it every 3 days and my skin feels nourished and silky.

  2. Aija

    Summer Chic smells amazing! So far, I am so impressed with this oil and how it feels on my skin. It leaves my skin dewy and nourished during whole day. Product for everyone with sensitive skin! My skin is extra sensitive and so far this oil and Deep Moisturising serum have been my favorite products.

  3. Una

    Ļoti patīk efekts! Viegls, ar patīkamu aromātu un tonīti!

  4. Inga

    Good massage oil! I love the delicious scent and how easy it is to use for self-face massage. Absorbs slowly into the skin and there is plenty of time to do cupping massage. Worth every penny!

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