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”Curiosity and passion are good drivers. They’ve driven us to seek knowledge from those who have it and to try out various things on our own. Innovation is important. We want to bring innovative, natural products to our customers that really benefit them and that bring a drop of luxury to the daily skincare routine.”

”My journey into the world of making skincare has been eye opening. I’ve learned to value the ingredients that go into my products. I really care what I put on my skin and without clean, fresh ingredients there’s no possibility to produce high quality natural skincare”, Botanica Nordica founder Marika says passionately.

”Each ingredient in a product should serve a purpose and bring something for the customer. Often less is more and when your product is full of actives there’s no need to use it in large amounts. Our products are often inspired by the needs of individual customers or skincare professionals. I spend a lot of time discussing with the customers and often their positive feedback is the best reward this job can give.”

All our products are manufactured by us in our own facilities in Finland in small batches. That way we can ensure highest quality and offer freshly blended skincare for you.